The second concept I would like to discuss is the 5 characteristics of competent communicators. These characteristics include self awareness, adaptability, empathy, cognitive complexity and ethics. Self awareness is "your awareness of how your behaviors affect others" (Floyd, 2009). It's important to be aware of your actions and if you're behavior is affecting others negatively and you aren't aware of it then you are just going to keep hurting the people you are close to. Drinking is a good example of this because people tend to not be self aware when they are drunk, they don't realize they hurt the people close to them so they keep behaving the same. Adaptability is pretty self explanatory, the ability to modify your behaviors to the situation, and it's important to be able to adapt to certain situations. For example, if you are a loud person and you know that you are going to the library to study with a friend, you have to adapt your loud behavior to the situation so you don't end up creating conflict with all the other people in the library. Empathy is "the skill of identifying and feeling what others around you are feeling (Floyd, 2009). It's good to have empathy with someone you're close with because being able to know exactly how someone feels can give the other person strength knowing that you can live through it and still turn out an ok person. Some people have trouble with empathy because we all don't share the exact same experiences so if you can have sympathy it could be helpful too. Cognitive complexity is the ability to understand a given situation in multiple ways. This is where perception is important because if you can only see things from your point of view you can't fully understand the situation. For example if you live with three other people and something happens you are only getting ¼ of the information because you don't know what everyone else knows. The last characteristic of competent communicators is ethics. As we all should know ethics is the tendency to behave morally correct, and most people have a good sense of the difference between right and wrong, there could be a big conflict when someone acts immorally and that's what the law is for.